Made a huge impact on my VBAC birth. Kept me calm, helped me and my husband make decisions through difficult medical curveballs. Wicked motivated and super knowledgeable about everything birthing! Has the tools and was even super patient with my toddler hanging around being a toddler. ❤ Highly recommend, my sweet doula!!!


I have known Naomi for about 14 years. She is committed to her family. She is supportive to those in need. She is passionate about her beliefs. She is there for you when you need a listening ear or advice. She loves babies and all things baby!


Naomi is a thoughtful, tender woman. She makes all who know her feel comfortable and safe, which is an incredibly important attribute when serving as a Doula. She also has a wicked sense of humor. Don't be surprised if she has you laughing through labor. Highly recommended.

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