Birth Hypnosis

When Naomi meets with you, she will help you understand what birth hypnosis entails.

Naomi likes to dispel some of the myths regarding birth hypnosis. It isn’t what you see on TV. There are different levels of consciousness. Birth hypnosis can allow childbirth without fear.

Birth hypnosis, or hypnobirth, is based upon the premise that moms and babies are biologically programmed for the childbirth process, and to work together in a state of harmony. According to hypnobirth was created by Marie “Mickey” Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy., who is an expert in the field of hypnotherapy and a fellow at Harvard University.

Mongan based her work on the groundbreaking book “Childbirth Without Fear”, written in 1944 by English obstetrician Dr. Dick-Read. He proposed that hypnosis can allow birthing mothers to break the cycle of “Feat-Tension-Pain syndrome”.

When moms practice hypnobirth they use deep breathing, visualization, labor comfort measures and prompts from their partners to train their brain to elicit a deep relaxation response on demand.

There is a general fear in life about birth and Naomi assists couples to find affirmations to use which will counteract the fear and use that affirmation in hypnosis.

Naomi utilizes five sessions of training, and focuses on assisting the mother and birth partner in understanding their individual roles. Naomi, the mother, and birth partner establish the communication tools they will use during the process so it is understood how to best assist the mother when she is in the midst of the birthing process and may not be able to make decisions.

The end result of utilizing hypnobirth is for a mom to be able to bring her body into a state of deep relaxation. This allows for her muscles to be able to work the way they are meant to during childbirth. According to Mongan, moms have reported it feels similar to daydreaming but that they feel relaxed, calm, aware, and in control.

There are many myths about birth hypnosis. Naomi works with families to dispel these myths. Birth hypnosis is NOT:

-A form of mind control.
-A method to put you in a deep sleep.
-a method to remove someone’s free will.
-A way to remove your ability to be aware of what’s going on around you.

Here are some of the benefits of hypnobirth:

-It’s a natural form of pain management.
-It can provide relaxation, comfort, and relief during labor.
-It can reduce stress and fear during childbirth.
-It allows mom to be alert and awake, and allow for a better postpartum experience.

Birth hypnosis can truly be one of the amazing tools at your disposal when you work with Naomi. She will serve as your guide in finding your role in the birthing process and pave the way for finding your own personal affirmations.


Naomi Dillie

I am passionate about changing the view of birth in America one mother at a time. BIRTH DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU, IT HAPPENS THROUGH YOU. I aim to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ELEVATE as you prepare for the birth of your dreams. You will learn about how your body and baby work together to bring your baby into your arms. I will guide you to become empowered to use your voice to make informed choices about your body and baby. I will lift you up, encourage you and be a constant presence during this transformational experience in your life.

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