Birth Center

Birth Center

Naomi provides doula services to expectant parents who want to give birth there, at nearby hospitals, or at home.

Although for some women giving birth in a birth center is wonderful, for others it may be in a hospital or even at home. With whatever a woman feels is best for her and her family, I want to support her. I can support causes and offer knowledge, but I will never criticize or disrespect a mother's decisions.

I'm here to support and encourage you while you go through labor. I will be there for you throughout your labor, whether you need only my presence, physical assistance, assistance from your partner, or words of support. Each mother has unique requirements, and I'm always there to help mom in whatever way she needs.

I will collaborate with midwives to provide you with both physical and emotional support. Even when the midwife is working on chores and providing support to you and your baby's clinical wellbeing, I will continue to be accessible to you and focus solely on helping you.


  1. Being alone, not knowing when to contact the midwife, filling the tub, giving instructions, and calming a tense partner. All these panicky situations can always be handled by a doula.
  2. They just have one primary duty: to keep you at ease. It is true. Particularly at home or in the birth center, it is the doula's primary or even sole responsibility. This might take many different shapes, but from the standpoint of labor, this is a very crucial task.
  3. Pets, phones, laundry, children, poultry, photos, movies, mail, cooking, and driving may all be distractions. Did I mention children?  Or perhaps someone to calm a worried older sister or start a fire on a chilly day? Consult your doula!


Doula working with pregnant woman in living room. Preparation for child birth

Naomi Dillie

I am passionate about changing the view of birth in America one mother at a time. BIRTH DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU, IT HAPPENS THROUGH YOU. I aim to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ELEVATE as you prepare for the birth of your dreams. You will learn about how your body and baby work together to bring your baby into your arms. I will guide you to become empowered to use your voice to make informed choices about your body and baby. I will lift you up, encourage you and be a constant presence during this transformational experience in your life.

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