Naomi Dillie

Her Power Within Birth and Postpartum Services

I am passionate about changing the view of birth in America one mother at a time. BIRTH DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU, IT HAPPENS THROUGH YOU. I aim to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ELEVATE as you prepare for the birth of your dreams. You will learn about how your body and baby work together to bring your baby into your arms. I will guide you to become empowered to use your voice to make informed choices about your body and baby. I will lift you up, encourage you and be a constant presence during this transformational experience in your life.


What do I do exactly?

Have you experienced the power of someone focused on YOU? YOUR thoughts, concerns, questions, fears, desires? Feels amazing, doesn't it? Feels powerful and fulfilling. 💓

A birth doula is someone who provides PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and INFORMATIONAL support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Through receiving evidence-based information and education; first-time {and seasoned} moms can feel EMPOWERED to make informed decisions about HER own care and HER choices available through this transformational change in HER and her family's life. I am a doula who listens, who feels, who supports, who cares, who respects, who assists, who sees you, who reassures, who connects, who empowers, who is present.

I intend to make YOU my FOCUS-YOUR body, YOUR baby, YOUR choices, YOUR birth experience, YOUR postpartum.

I support women through their pregnancy and birth. I am an additional set of hands and heart to provide comfort, information, and encouragement. Doulas do not take the place of partners but are an addition to the birth team. I help to create a better understanding of the female body, its transformations, emotions - all a woman goes through in pregnancy, birth, and afterward.

What is it like to work with Naomi ?

During the initial intake process, Naomi will go through an extensive interview process with you to make sure she thoroughly understands your wishes in how your pregnancy and birth story unfold.

Naomi has personally experienced three different pregnancies and deliveries that were all very different. For this reason, she will present you with scenarios that you may encounter during your birth story so that she can assist you in the manner you wish.

Parents will be provided with education on the front end to help set up parental expectations of the labor, delivery, and birth process. This allows everyone to be on the same page regarding the terminology and lingo used regarding pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period.

Many people don’t truly understand what happens naturally during labor, and the “not knowing” can add unnecessary fear, anxiety, and stress for mom and her partner. The most successful outcomes arise from mom being in a calm and relaxed state.

Naomi provides other valuable services as part of her work with expectant families. Prenatal classes including five sessions of birth hypnosis are part of Naomi’s innovative program. These imperative in-person meetings are held regularly to give the opportunity to connect and support expectant families along their birth story journey.

Families are selected based on their due dates, and Naomi uses her expertise in recognizing that babies don’t always come on schedule. Don’t worry, Naomi is able to shift her schedule so she can still provide the services during labor and delivery, wherever those events may occur.

Your support will not end on your child’s day of birth. Naomi continues to provide services to families during the postpartum period. She knows and understands that the first weeks following the birth of a newborn can be beautiful and challenging. If you have questions or concerns, it is reassuring to know you can ask Naomi - your experienced doula - about anything that arises as you nest at home with your precious newborn.

Considering using a doula for your family’s birth story? Here are some characteristics of family’s that work with Naomi:

-Couple who shares love for one another, are deeply connected and supportive of each other.
-The birth mom’s partner is very engaged and has a calming presence.
-Moms are open to being vulnerable and becoming attuned to themselves.
-The couple invests in their experience and they do the preparatory work.
-Women have a sense of their inner strength or open to finding it.

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